Apple's Numbers gets Smart Categories.

Just a few days ago, Numbers got a great little update. I'm so happy that Smart Categories have been added to Numbers for Mac, iPhone and iPad!

What are Smart Categories?

Smart Categories give you the ability to expand and collapse parts of your Numbers document. I use Numbers to manage an income pipeline for my business, and breaking down the categories into months so that I may determine what mortgage closings are happening that month is super helpful!

How do I use them?

It's pretty easy to enable this.

  1. Click on any row in your document so that you are highlighting information horizontally.
  2. Click the "Filter" icon on the top of the page. (It looks like an upside-down triangle).
  3. Slide the "Categories" button into the "on" position.
  4. Select the drop down to create the smart category for the type of data that you would like to expand and collapse your document by.

An example of collapsing by month is below.

This shows August, 2018 closed business.

This shows August, 2018 closed business.

Really useful!

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