So, I accidentally deleted a file.

Uh oh.

While in iA Writer, I accidentally deleted a file from iCloud. Now, I know that there are ways to recover deleted files in iA Writer, but this got me thinking about the danger of my writing extended pieces in this app. 

While just last week I wrote about my love for this app (and I do love it), what I have found a real handicap for my daily driver usage is that stellar library support from Ulysses. So I gave Ulysses another crack at it. I went back into the app and cleaned up some settings to make it as minimal as possible. 

I did the following : 

  • Turned off the View>Show Paragraph Numbers setting in the View menu on the Ulysses Mac app

  • Used the Minimal Writing theme installed from the Styles & Themes page

  • Used Courier for an editing font

It's amazing that these few tweaks have really changed the landscape of Ulysses for me. So I will indeed be renewing that subscription. I do advise : read the instructions on Ulysses so that you can get the most out of it! This app is so easy to use, but also so easy to overuse, and when you really want it to get it out fo the way it can. 

Eric Bowers