Your productive home office space.

Why it's important to declutter

Recently my wife and I had a "discussion". That is, she basically told me that since I wasn't utilizing my office ever (I mostly was working at our kitchen table - more on that in a second), that she was going to usurp it and turn it into her professional photography studio. To be honest, she definitely needs way more space to run her second business than I do, so I happily agreed. Happy wife, happy life!

Back Yard.png

I had been working at the kitchen table quite a bit because of this view.

I have always loved the woods, and we live in a heavily wooded area. As such, I found that I was more inspired by the view from our kitchen table that I was the office view, which offered a view of some trees and a street at the front of the home, but was somewhat dimly-lit for my tastes.

After the change-up in the apartment two weeks ago, I found myself having to declutter quite a bit. I didn't go all Marie Kondo or anything, but I did find that I could start shredding documents, recycling or donating technology, and generally do a clearing-out of all things superfluous to writing or producing an income. I shredded bits of paper that I had been holding onto from old notes that now meant nothing.

I cleared that desk space, such that I only furnished it with a lamp, a HEIL microphone arm and my Shure SM7B, and my Dale Cooper and Giant figurines. The former toy reminds me that the world is full of strange possibilities, and the latter that you should always be on the lookout and stay alert. Ah, such is the duality of life.

But I digress.

My desk is now in the corner of our main kitchen area, which is very large. I get vitamin D from the sun all day, and am way happier and more productive. Mental clutter has been removed because my physical space is in order. I've even moved musical instruments to the opposite side of the room and created a practice space that is awe-inspiring from about 2pm-3pm when the sun hits it.

The moral of the story is...

If you are feeling that things are a bit drab, or that you are not creating to your fullest potential, don't be afraid to clean things up and change things up.