The 13.1 updates are out for iOS and iPadOS

Apple seems to have gone straight to "iPadOS 13.1", as opposed to 13.0 for the release of the newly-renamed iPadOS, which comes with some major new features such as those listed here. All in all, I think that these are some solid updates, and in particular, my eyes are thanking me invoking for Dark Mode on iOS and iPadOS.

I have been using the developer betas all summer and am glad to see that Apple had delayed the iPad system update, which had contained several bugs.

Some of my favorites of the new operating systems for the iPhone and iPad are :

  • Dark mode
  • That volume HUD!
  • Text formatting in Apple Mail
  • Attachments in the iOS Calendar apps
  • The pinned Today widget on the iPad
  • Faster facial recognition on the iPhone
  • The overall snappier performance within these operating systems

What are your favorite features? You can share with me here.